United For Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, Trading and Contracting - W.L.L

Our Background

Since its establishment in 2009 under the name of I-TAB, United for Testing and Balancing, Trading and Contracting, goal was to become the real representation of its slogan, “We Enhance – You Occupy”. Since 2014 I-TAB switched its name to UTAB.

Aided by its founders board of directors by that time long experience of over 20 years in the fields of MEP consultancy, construction and maintenance trends, the organization was established in integration with the youthful engineers’ power and eagerness to learn.

The motivation was always to build up and develop a business based on high professional personnel applying the latest versions of related international standards and codes.

Becoming the pioneer independent engineering company in the HVAC Testing and commissioning field in Qatar, UTAB added one more service to its scope of trends in 2014 which is Complete MEP Commissioning.

In 2018 UTAB added more services, buildings maintenance, integrity test and smoke management test, to its scope of work to integrate its services with its customers requirements.

UTAB established its strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance Policy referenced to international standards procedures for air and hydronic systems balancing and MEP commissioning to be applied in all their projects and contracts and supervised by the management and strong technical office department.

With its professionally well trained staff and its strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance policy following, UTAB has built the bridge of trust in the market with all its clients and business partners. Since its establishment in 2009, UTAB has been awarded more than 1200 diversified contracts and completed more than 1000 of them.

In 2019, UTAB became NEBB Certified firm in Testing, Adjusting and Balancing and in sound and vibration measurements. Having the well technically and managerially trained cadres moving with high ambitious staff, UTAB decided to provide its high standard services to new markets outside Qatar. UTAB now is establishing a new business in Saltant Oman with a JV of one of it’s sister companies.