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Testing & Balancing (NEBB Cr.)– Scope of work

  • Reviewing contract technical documents workshop drawings to insure that testing, adjusting, and balancing could be done according to the latest NEBB standards and project specifications
  • Submitting a preliminary report including all system and equipment data, numbering system hand written on drawings, and all notes and the method statement which includes testing, adjusting, and balancing procedures applied specifically as per project requirements, list of instruments to be used, and their calibration certificates
  • Carrying out site visits during construction to insure that all installations and supplied equipment are as per approved drawings and submittals. Submit site-visit reports including all deficiencies and corrective actions and produce the check lists for every system for the pre-functional readiness check report.
  • Testing, adjusting and balancing all HVAC systems and equipments under project specifications including:
    1. Air side systems equipment’s performance tests including the air handling units (AHU’s), fan coil units (FCU’s), the different types of ventilation and smoke fans, heat/energy recovery wheels/units and fresh air handling units (HRW’s, ERU’s and TFAHU’s) and variable air volume terminals (VAV’s and CAV’s)
    2. Chilled water side systems equipments performance tests including the chillers, chilled water pumps, cooling towers and condenser water pumps.
    3. Domestic water system pumps performance tests and systems verifications.
    4. Complete testing and balancing for applicable ducted systems.
    5. Complete testing and balancing for static chilled water systems and verification works for the dynamic balancing systems.
    6. Staircase pressurization systems verifications tests and handing over as per the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) codes.
    7. Environmental tests including the temperature and relative humidity RH% measurements
    8. Vibration measurements for fans and pumps rotating motors.
    9. Smoke management systems verification tests.
    10. Sound Level measurements for air conditioned areas
  • Submitting periodic work status reports for all TAB activities to monitor the progress of the works.
  • Submitting testing, adjusting, and balancing final report including all HVAC tested equipment and systems combined with a list of defected items (if found)